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Most orders will ship from Riyadh City within 1-3 business days of order placement.  If you need your item to ship sooner drop us a line at

We do ship packages very timely, so this is solely based on distance and local factors to your country and city.

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Flavours River was launched with the purpose of providing highly concentrated flavours, superior quality of USP grade liquids, importing the best manufacturing products available in the industry.  Our concept is straightforward: culture, quality, and flavour.  As we believe that quality and flavour should never be mutually exclusive.  Our goal is to educate and distribute premium liquid ingredients to liquid resellers, manufactures and enthusiasts here in the Middle East.  All Flavours River products are 100% high standard quality imported from USA, EU and ASIA


LIQUID BASE    PG / VG    DIY KITS        

Flavours River provides USP food grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG),  Propylene Glycol (PG) and DIY Kits that you need to create your very own flavouring recipes.  Our collection of products contains all what you need to keep you safe while you handle flavours and liquid bases to make sure your creations are accurately measured



We have grown big with everything you might need in one place, you’ll find Empty Bottles, Protection wear, Labeware and more.  Whether you measure by weight or volume, these accessories will help you achieve the accuracy needed to create the perfect recipe. We got more for you!


DIY & Labeware

Flavours River provides the labware and empty bottles as well as more products that you might need. Our collection of lab ware contains the laboratory equipment you need to keep you safe while you handle liquids to give you an accurately measured.

Shop from our selection of products labware such as nitrile gloves, pipettes, funnels, pipette and more!

Quality Ingredients

At Flavours River, we only carry the best products in the industry. In a market where there is a flood of low quality products. Having a reputable supplier that is transparent is essential nowadays. 

We assure you that all products are used in many food and drinks industry. Flavours River is not responsible if our products has been used in any such way that is been prohibited or eligible.  

Flavours & Liquid Base

 If you are wondering where to find USP food grade, Flavours River is your trusted choice.  We carry many brands as well as many products for you to choose. 

We have USP Grade products such as  Vegetable Glycerin (VG) a diluting agent for flavours and fragrance, Propylene Glycol (PG) also a diluting agent for flavours and fragrance.

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