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نكهة المرينغ

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The light and sweet taste of Meringue adds a dessert feel when tasting by itself. When combined with other flavors in your own unique DIY recipe, Meringue complements marshmallow, cream, citrus, fruit, and floral flavors, especially if you add a bouquet of a sweet spice like vanilla or chocolate. Meringue can also be used to draw some bitterness away from taste of cola, or to adding a subtle sweet undertone to your favorite flavor.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Flavoring Ingredients

Suggested percentage 3-7%

For Best Storage Conditions:
Store in a tightly closed container, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Diketone Information,

Diacetyl: None

Acetoin: None

Acetyl Propionyl: None

Made in the Italy

Customer Reviews

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Ziad Torkey

Meringue Flavor

Small amount makes wonder

This one of the diy flavor recommend always to get it from FA .
This the note from ELR :
By itself this tastes like those crisp, airy, tiny Italian cookies that melt in your mouth. It's a delicate flavor and an ideal sweetener for fruits.
Add a little Meringue to your favorite fruit for a sugar-sprinkled taste.
Equal quantities of Meringue and Fresh Cream serve to 'moisten' and sweeten dry-tasting flavors or recipes.
Using Meringue with just a little added fruit makes a flavored Italian meringue cookie - lots of people could vape that all day long. Strawberry meringues are a popular Italian treat.
Excellent sweetener for FA C