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Mild Tobacco flavor with special notes, combined with Sweet Coconut, Custard and Chocolate aroma. One shot flavor by FlavoursRiver.

Mixing has never been easier!

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This concentrate makes approximately 282 ml  of liquid at the recommended percentage.

Recommended Starting Percentage:    10-13%

Recommended Steep Time:      12 Days (Minimum)

Note: Our concentrates are a complex blend of flavours..!

Customer Reviews

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Mohamed Zidan
خدمة ممتازة

شكراً لكم

Motasem Mansour


perfect blend

nice tobacco blend

It's really as you describe it : Eesy

Well I just made a batch of 10Ml to try it as a taste test I got confused because on wep page recommendation was 13% while it's 4-8% on the vail of 15Ml
It's a real big gab .
So I did make 8% blend 70/30 VG/PG
Steep it for 10 Days then I give it a try it was really awesome as a smell and flavor.
Now I am steeping a 100 ml bottle of that with 13% but I just added 1% of RY4 double (TPA) for my personal vape of tobacco I find Jooz & Looz have a hint of tobacco taste and I like a taste of tobacco more.
I just suggest : to put a same recommended percentage on wep page descriptions .
2- percentage of 13 % with 15 Ml can't do 280 ml as its mentioned.
After all it was real amazing to deal with Flavors River professional Vape seller
I really recommend all DIY lovers to give it a try specially when *flavours River*
Have a sale don't ever miss it
Go a head ✌