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Capella Sweet Strawberry flavor drops give you that unmistakable fresh-picked, ripe taste of strawberry. This flavor leans more towards the sweet side as opposed to the tart side of berry flavors, making it great for desserts. Although this flavor is delicious on its own, you can combine in with other flavors to create a delicious dessert or fruit and berry mix, like strawberry kiwi!

Capella Flavor Drops are water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavor concentrates. Capella Sweet Strawberry doesn’t contain and fat, calories, sweeteners or preservatives. The highly concentrated nature of Sweet Strawberry Flavor Drops allows the concentrate to deliver a superior strawberry flavor, free from preservatives and stabilizers. Capella Flavor Drops deliver honest, undiluted, preservative-free flavor. Capella Flavor Drops are proudly made with the finest ingredients in the USA.

Capella Qualities:

  • Flavor any type of food or beverage. We leave the sweetening to you!
  • Capella Flavor Drops are water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavoring.
  • Zero fats, calories or sweeteners.
  • No preservatives, stabilizers or potassium sorbate.
  • Corn and peanut free!
  • Gluten-free and vegan friendly. Our drops contain no animal products of any kind.
  • Guilt free. Create sugar free low-calorie drink and food alternatives.
  • Perfect for diabetics.


Usage Rate 4-8%  No Refunds on Flavoring. Color Level: Clear. Independently laboratory tested Diacetyl free.



Diketone Information,

Diacetyl: None

Acetoin: None

Acetyl Propionyl: None

Customer Reviews

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Its Strawberry that's enough to say

Its strawberry one of the best kind sweet not like strawberry rip not just strawberry like TFA its sweet kind but that doesn't mean they are not good no not at all but this one add the sweetness to to authentic rip strawberry. Must keep stoke alwyas