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This Cotton Candy flavour is water soluble and is made from ethyl maltol, diluted to 10% in PG. It is not a strong flavor, since ethyl maltol won't dissolve in PG at higher concentrations. It is used as a mild sweetener and smoother for harsh flavors. Our Sweetener is sweeter than the Cotton Candy. Concentrated Cotton Candy flavouring by The Flavor Apprentice. Cotton Candy concentrated flavouring is FDA approved for use in food, beverages and products for human consumption. This Cotton Candy flavouring is the standard Ethyl Maltol in Propylene Glycol solution that everyone is familiar with.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavour, Propylene Glycol.

Flavour concentrates are undiluted, full strength concentrates direct from the manufacturer.

Recommended usage is to test at 4-8% flavouring in your recipe, and adjust to taste.   

For Best Storage Conditions:
Store in a tightly closed container, away from heat and direct sunlight.   

Diketone Information,

Diacetyl: None

Acetoin: None

Acetyl Propionyl: None

Made in the U.S

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I like it

Its a good additive gives a sweet taste and smooth other flavors its good to use with tobacoo, custards and dark flavors

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