Cubano Blend Flavour

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This is a concentrated Cubano Blend type flavouring, strong with heavy characteristics of spice, woody, leather. Slightly sweet and dry. Cubano Blend type concentrated flavoring is FDA approved for use in food, beverages, and products for human consumption. 

Ingredients: Natural & Artificial flavor, Propylene Glycol.

Flavor concentrates are undiluted, full strength concentrates direct from the manufacturer.

Recommended usage is to test at 4-8% flavoring in your recipe, and adjust to taste. 

For Best Storage Conditions:
Store in a tightly closed container, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Diketone Information,

Diacetyl: None

Acetoin: None

Acetyl Propionyl: None

Made in the U.S

Customer Reviews

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amro soliman

اكثر من ممتاز

Can't understand

Well i bought this flavor for another note i did read somewhere else but i did my single test taste @ 5% VG/PG 50/50 first thing i got strong aroma like leafy plant its weird for me and just S&V to vape as a test on Drop Rda @ 0.27 ohm 45w its for sure not stand alone flavor it needs lots of hep with additives or something to make it feel like tobacoo or Cubano Cigar .
@ Jason ur review was Really really delicious and unique flavor, can you suggest a recipe to make . My 10 ml test batch still under steeping since 2 weeks


This is really a really delicious and unique flavor