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Red Summer Watermelon Flavour

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Use the juicy and sweet flavour of Watermelon to compliment your standard liquid, or combine it with other flavours in your very own liquid fruit salad. Watermelon can be used to compliment fruit, cream, cola, and confectionary flavours, and it is a favorite flavour to mix with strawberry.


Suggested percentage 3-7%


Diketone Information,

Diacetyl: None

Acetoin: None

Acetyl Propionyl: None

Made in the Italy

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Lasted strong but 👍

Flavor Note from Elr matches mine :
As with most FA fruits, this is very realistic, fresh fruit flavor - including some seeds and rind. It’s not very sweet, not like candy watermelon flavors at all. Standalone 4-5% is not unreasonable; it’s one of FA’s least strong flavorings. Adding sweeter fruit flavors to FA Watermelon can make it taste stronger; try that instead of adding Sucralose or other plain sweeteners. To emphasize the “green/rind” bit, add a little FA Cucumber.

Preferred single flavor mix: 5.0%

CAP and FA 1:1 realistic, full, sweet watermelon. More CAP candy-side, more FA fleshy-side.
*So its only falvor i got from FA and i use it up to 4% in a recipe with TPA watermelon and cap strawberry Sweet . Its still perfect as most of FA falvor never failed or let ù down always 👍